In 2018-2019, Mission Sunrise Rotary Club received global recognition for their support of the Annual fund.
Our Club is one of 35,000 worldwide and part of the 1.2 million Rotarians.
Keep up the good work Rotarians!

100% Foundation Giving Club (1 of 4000) - For clubs that achieve an average of $100 in per capita giving and 100 percent participation, with every dues-paying member contributing at least $25 to any or all of the following during the Rotary year: Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, approved global grants, or Endowment Fund.

Every Rotarian, Every Year Club (1 of 3,400) - For clubs that achieve a minimum Annual Fund contribution of $100 per capita during the Rotary year, and every dues-paying member must personally contribute at least $25 to the Annual Fund during the year. 

Top Three Per Capita in Annual Fund Giving (1 of 1550) - For the three clubs in each district that give the most, per capita, to the Annual Fund. Clubs that give at least $50 per capita are eligible.