Greetings from Jean and Glen in Thailand,
Glen and I have been part of the Mission Rotary Dental Team to Singburri Thailand. It is about 2 1/2 hours drive north of Bangkok. We were on team one and set up the clinic in a Buddhist Temple in Singburri. We worked for one week. Then went north to have a one week tour out of Chiang Mai. We had a fantastic time. Our guide spoke 12 languages and was very knowledgeable. He also hosted us for dinner and breakfast at his home. The weather was hot in Singburri but the Temple area we worked in was air-conditioned. Our host family there is part of a large community and owns many homes. There was a community swimming pool we all used in the morning and evening. We are now back in Bangkok overnight. Half of the team head home to Mission. The rest of us fly the Vietnam for a one week tour. Glen and I are part of that group. The weather was warm up north but still enjoyable. The food has been fantastic. Look forward to seeing everyone when we get home early in April. God Bless You, Jean & Glen