Posted by JBM on Apr 26, 2019
Mission Sunrise Rotary supports Mission Community Foundation through the following 4 funds:
The Mission Community Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, which collects funds from donors and invests these funds, using the income for the benefit of the citizens of the Mission area, in the fields of education, recreation, culture, and the humanities.

Albert McMahon Mission City Rotary Fund

This Fund was established in 1989 by the Rotary Club of Mission Sunrise as a memorial to Albert McMahon.

Mr. McMahon was one of the first members to join the Mission Rotary Club and he helped steward the growth of the Club in the early days. A quiet philanthropist, Mr. McMahon wanted to ensure that every child had the best possible opportunity to succeed and would donate monies towards education, housing or whatever was required.   He donated land for a school and provided personal scholarships through Mission Senior Secondary School starting in 1954.  If there was a sports team that needed a sponsor, he was there.

The Rotary Club felt that Mr. McMahon should be memorialized for his contributions to the community.  This Fund is dedicated to providing funding for children within the District of Mission who are in special circumstances, and therefore in need of help.  Funding has been used to provide both scholarships and granting for this purpose.

If you would like to help children succeed, donate today!

Rotary Club – Literacy Endowment

The goal of Rotary Clubs worldwide is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy.

“Literacy is how people get things done.” – Elspeth Bowers

Rotary Clubs around the world have provided funding for educational literacy by opening schools, teaching adults to read and using alternate teaching methods for English as a Second Language students.

“When you teach somebody how to read, they have that for a lifetime.  It ripples through the community, one by one.”  – Mark Wilson

The Rotary Club of Mission Sunrise started this fund in 2011 to help increase literacy locally. This fund provides grants to local charity programs to help young and mature students learn to read. The Rotary Club of Mission Sunrise continues the worldwide objective of literacy and empowering people to succeed.

If you would like to help someone learn to read, donate today!


Rotary Legacy Fund

The Rotary Club has six key areas of focus: Peace and conflict prevention/resolution; Disease Prevention and Treatment; Water and Sanitation; Maternal and Child Health; Basic Education and Literacy; and Economic and Community Development.

The Rotary Club of Mission Sunrise provided funding to assist with the application to form the Mission Community Foundation in 1987.  Over the years the Rotary Club has started a number of funds: Albert McMahon Mission City Rotary Fund; Rotary Literacy Endowment Fund; and Rotary Sustaining Scholars Fund.  With these funds, the Rotary Club of Mission has assisted the citizens of Mission through scholarships and grants.

In the fall of 2018 the Rotary Club of Mission Sunrise started the Rotary Legacy Fund for grants to support community projects.  This type of fund enables more granting opportunities for the Foundation and allows it to help more community groups succeed.