In the 2010 National Edition of Communities in Bloom, the District of Mission was a finalist in the 20,001 to 50,000 population category.

Mission received a 5/5 Bloom rating and a special mention ­for the Municipal Forest.

Following their evaluation of the community, volunteer judges Jim Baird (New Brunswick) and Dave Hilton (British Columbia) wrote:
Mission is a very attractive city located adjacent to the Fraser River. It is blessed with a large municipal forest that makes-up almost half of Mission's land base. This forest is an ecological area which provides an outdoor classroom as well as numerous trails which are well used by hikers and joggers.
The forest, managed by a registered professional forester, includes many environmental initiatives such as piling slash which creates habitat for small animals, no herbicides or pesticide use, and leaving old "snags" as wildlife trees.
To ensure that old logging roads are preserved, 60 year red cedar corduroy trails are being protected.
Every year over 80,000 seedlings are planted using only indigenous, non-invasive plant species.